Treehouse Kindergarten and Daycare in Munich

Treehouse is a bilingual (English-German) daycare and kindergarten in Munich-Schwabing.

We provide nurturing care and early learning for children from 18 months to six years of age.

Treehouse provides an intercultural, stimulating and compassionate environment for children and a supportive, international community for parents.

Treehouse is a non-profit organization and is supported by the Referat für Bildung und Sport der Landeshauptstadt München and the State of Bavaria.

Our Educational Approach


Following the One-Person-One-Language (OPOL) method, our kindergarten and daycare are each led by one native English-speaker and one native German-speaker, each of whom communicates with the children exclusively in her/his native tongue and gently encourages the children to respond accordingly.

Treehouse teachers also encourage the development of language skills by using every activity (artwork, outdoor time, meal time, etc.) as an opportunity to facilitate language learning. Our teachers speak clearly and use signs and gestures when possible, aware that they themselves are modeling language all day long through their own speech and interactions.


Although not a traditional Montessori school, the philosophy at Treehouse has been greatly inspired by the teachings of Maria Montessori. At Treehouse we strongly believe that when children feel respected and recognized as individuals, their sense of identity deepens, their self-esteem improves, and they are better equipped to discover their unique talents and abilities.

Our children have the opportunity to use Montessori materials on a daily basis, materials specifically designed to help them develop fine motor skills, hone their senses, and practice daily tasks. We aim to bring an even more pronounced Montessori influence to Treehouse through continual investment in staff training and materials.

Pedagogical Concept

The concept document is only available in German.