Admission & Fees


If you are interested in applying for a spot for your child at Treehouse, please read through our application, print it out and complete the form at the end.

The completed form should then be returned to us by email (scanned) to:

or sent (printed) to:

FAO Admissions team

Treehouse e.V.

Schleißheimerstr. 53A,

80797 Munich

Treehouse e.V. is a city-funded parents’ initiative. Because of this, all children registered must reside within Munich city limits (‘Stadt München’ as opposed to ‘Kreis München’). Your child must be at least 1 year of age before applying.

At Treehouse e.V. , the daycare and kindergarten are treated as separate entities. Acceptance into the daycare does not guarantee acceptance into the kindergarten; however, priority for kindergarten spots is given to those already in the daycare.

As Treehouse is a parent-run organisation, with parents providing their time on a voluntary basis, we are not able to respond to applications we receive that do not fulfil our criteria.

Admissions & Fees

Treehouse offers childcare to:

  • Families in which one or both parents are native English speakers

  • German/German families in which the child is exposed to a significant amount of English on a daily basis or, for example, the family is returning from/moving abroad.

Further criteria:

  • Depending on current openings we will also take into consideration the child’s age and gender.

  • We also look for parents who understand and actively support the concept of a parents’ initiative.