Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the groups?

Our daycare caters for 12 children and our kindergarten caters for 26 children, giving us a staff-child ratio of 1:6 in the daycare and 1:7 in the kindergarten. A seventh member of staff helps out in the daycare three days a week. We try to employ 3 BUFDIs or FSJers – one per classroom.

What is a parents’ initiative?

A parents’ initiative is a non-profit organization that is owned and managed by its members, the parents. In order to keep the operational costs at an affordable level, it relies on the willing participation and commitment of each of its members.

How many hours are the parents expected to put in?

Each family takes total ownership of at least one Treehouse job and is expected to contribute a minimum of 8 hours a month (10 hours a month for two children).

Do the parents do any of the cooking or cleaning themselves?

A professional organic catering company delivers meals to Treehouse daily. We also hire a professional cleaner to cover the bulk of our cleaning needs. However, parents are still assigned a cleaning week on a rotational basis (2 to 3 times a year), during which they tidy the kitchen and do light laundry.

How often are Parent Meetings held?

Parents meetings, held every two months, are where important issues are discussed and you have the opportunity to vote on matters that directly concern you and your child. It is therefore expected that all parents make an effort to attend.

Who founded Treehouse?

Treehouse e.V., a parents’ initiative, was founded by a group of enthusiastic parents from Munich-Schwabing who met through an English playgroup in a local community centre. They hailed from areas across the globe: Germany, Ireland, Canada, Australia, UK and the United States.

How long has Treehouse been open?

Treehouse e.V. opened its doors in May of 2007 with a daycare for 12 children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. Four months later, Treehouse doubled in size, adding a kindergarten group and additional staff able to care for children between 3 and 6 years of age.