Our People

Our friendly staff consists of one native English speaker and one native German speaker in each group. We choose our staff not only for their educational training, experience and warmth, but also for their enthusiasm for working closely with parents in an international and bilingual setting.

We are proud of our teaching team, who are happy members of the Treehouse community; some of them have been with Treehouse for many years – since 2008 for one and before 2013 for 3 others. In 2017, two of our senior teachers left Germany and so we recruited two new teachers, who integrated themselves beautifully and brought with them new energy and smiles.

When hiring a teacher, a top priority is language fluency. We want our children to be spoken to with native English or German accents. This is strictly respected by all the Treehouse teachers. Where we feel lucky, is that this requirement still allowed us to have a team of teachers representing the diversity of our international community.

Finally, thanks to the city of Munich, we receive the help of 3 Bufdis (Bundesfreiwillingendienst) every year. They are 3 young German students interested in the experience of looking after children. Each of them help out in turn in each of our three groups. We are grateful for this extra help, which provides a safe and supportive environment for our children, giving us a ratio of one adult for 4 children.

​Without great teachers, you can’t have a great Kindergarten or daycare. As parents, we see every day the rewards of having a great teaching team; each morning our kids are excited to get to Treehouse and each afternoon they come home tired and happy.